Car Outlet Vent Decorative Chrome Strip

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Special Features:Outlet Decoration Strip
Size: 0.5*0.7*19.5cm
Easy installation, no adhesive tape required
Item Type:Styling Mouldings
Material: PVC and chrome
Installation method:
(1) the size of the position is good, and the cut is done
(2) it is better than the position, it is stuck in the blade or the door
(3) the length is finished, the loading is short, the wind direction is adjusted first to the left, the size is good, the card is short and bright
(4) hardcover operation: after cutting the scissors at both ends of the decoration strips, the cutter should be cut and then pasted.
If the car has four ordinary outlets, 1 pack is enough. If the outlet is big or more than four, maybe you need buy 2 pack.
This is just recommendation, the real size should be according to your car’s outlet.
Package includes:
10Pcs Car Air Conditioner Outlet Vent Grille Decoration U Shape Molding Trim Strip


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