Christmas Cowhide Sticker Gift Tag

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Quantity: 300 pcs/roll
Material: Kraft paper
Pattern: 4 styles

1. Kraft paper design: Christmas kraft paper label stickers are made of kraft paper, easy to use, not easy to fall off; these gift stickers contain many Christmas elements, provide a good decoration for your gifts, you can use a pen, pencil or marker on this Christmas Write a message on the label.
2. High-quality adhesive: This kraft paper sticker roll is made of high-quality adhesive, which can be pasted on many different surfaces; it can even be pasted on the fabric without leaving residue; more importantly, you can use It comes with jars, boxes, gift boxes, etc.
3. Wide application: You can not only put these Christmas kraft paper stickers on gifts, but also use these gift tags as warm gifts; suitable for sharing with children’s teachers during school Christmas parties; in addition, you can also share with your family and friends Share with friends to increase the Christmas atmosphere
4. They have the shape of holiday labels, and the corner edges make these stickers easy to peel from the roll paper; they are very suitable for marking handmade gifts, gift bags and Christmas cards.

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