Large-Capacity Bucket Cup Fitness Sports Big Water Bottle

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Material: cup body PET, lid HDPE
Color: blue, green, gray
Size: 24.8*12.4CM
Capacity: 2.4L

1. This kettle is very suitable for measuring your daily water intake, it is very suitable for ensuring that you drink enough water throughout the day and keep motivated and hydrated. Belts are widely used for fitness goals, including cycling, camping, running, traveling, picnics, weight loss, fitness and overall health.
2. Made of high-quality food-grade plastic, 100% free of bisphenol A and toxins, no peculiar smell, suitable for daily drinking water. The dust-free cover with sealing ring is 100% leak-proof and no leakage. An oversized water gallon bottle can replenish water loss after exercise. You can easily get the refreshing sensation you need, so you can continue to exercise or stay in the game!

Note: This product is made of PET imported from the United States, which is soft and transparent, and does not contain bisphenol A. Only put in water at room temperature below 50° and cold water! Do not put in hot water! !

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Blue, Gray, Green


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