Manual Coffee Grinder

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Material: high quality stainless steel
Color: silver, black
Size: 14 * 19 * 5.5 CM

1. Keep a consistent grind every time-the key to a good cup of coffee is to use freshly ground coffee beans and a good coffee machine. No matter which coffee beans you use, professional-grade hand-held coffee grinders can achieve the most consistent grinding every time. This conical ceramic burr grinder is efficient, quiet and rust-free. In addition, compared with steel burr grinders and electric grinders, it absorbs less heat and has a longer service life.
2.Durable and durable-The coffee grinder is durable, made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with a heavy-duty reinforced extra-long manual crank. The extra-long handle allows you to easily grind coffee beans in one minute. Make a delicious cup of coffee for yourself and your family.
3.Adjustable grinding wheel thickness-using this grinder is easy to adjust the thickness of the grinding wheel. There is no need to disassemble the entire device, just turn the knob at the bottom one turn to grind espresso, French press and any coffee in between.
4.This hand grinder is perfect for traveling and camping. Take it with you and go to the best place every day. Before using for the first time, wash thoroughly.
5.Very suitable for coffee, spices and herbs-it can also be used for hand-grinding spices, herbs and other ingredients. This multifunctional grinder is absolutely versatile, it can add luster to your kitchen, or it can be given to anyone as a gift.

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1*Manual Coffee Grinder

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Black, Silver


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