Timing electronic lock

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Body material: metal
Color: Black, Silver
Size: 45*78*18mm
Battery capacity: 200mA
Standby time: about 500 hours or more

1. LCD high-definition display plus backlight
2.USB charging
3. Long battery life
4. One-key operation for unlocking
5. Lock time and improve efficiency

Instructions for use
1. Unlock and lock:
Locking: Align the lock ring with the hole on one end, and then press down to lock it. “Lock” is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen

Unlock: Press the middle “lock” button to automatically bounce. The display is “unlocked”.
2. Set the unlocking time:
Press: the “H” button on the left to set the hour, and the “M” button on the right to set the minute. After adjustment, press the middle “lock” button to start the countdown. Before the timer starts, there will be a 5-second countdown beep (in sound mode). Within 5 seconds, you can press any key to cancel the set time.
3. Start timing
After 5 seconds, the countdown will start, and the electronic lock will beep for a long time. The lock icon “lock” on the screen, you cannot unlock it by pressing any key at this time.
4. Timing is complete
After the timing is complete, the lock ring will automatically pop up, and the unlock icon “picture” will be displayed on the screen. Press any key to display the time just counted, and then press the timing key to repeat the timing

Product list:
1*electronic lock
1*USB charging cable

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Black, Silver


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