USB Home Wireless Smart Doorbell

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Music: 60 pieces of music
Volume: 5 levels of volume (can be muted)
Transmitter: a 12V23A battery
Receiver: with indicator light, bell ringing and flashing light
Receiver: USB/5V power supply
Transmitter size: 75*51*20MM
Receiver size: 56*56*16MM
Remote control distance: 150M in a straight line on the open ground

1.If multiple buttons are paired with one or more receivers in the same system, each button can be set to a different ringtone.
2. Power-off memory function: Turn the power on again after power off, no need to re-adjust and lock the ringtone.
3. The transmitter has no screw chuck design, and it can be waterproof and dust proof without rubber ring.
4.The receiver is USB power supply, more random and convenient
5.The wireless signal will be affected by obstacles. The more obstacles, the more serious the signal loss.

6.Receiver has 5 levels(can be mute) 0-110db,60 music to choose from.

1.The receiver can be used with other brands of video doorbells with strong compatibility
2.The button cannot be placed on an iron door because it will interfere with the signal.

How to pair signals?
Pairing method: press and hold the volume button on the receiver for about 5 seconds (the light is on), release the volume button, then press the button immediately, the signal is successfully paired.

How to modify and lock music?
Press and hold the volume button of the receiver before plugging in the power socket. Plug in the power socket until the light of the receiver lights up, release the volume button, press the music button to adjust to the favorite music ringtone, press and hold the volume button again until When the light is on, press the transmitter twice immediately and the music is locked successfully.
Product list:1 Set Of Smart USB Wireless Doorbell

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